About Genealogical Research

Genealogical research is the craft of using documentary evidence -- family records, official and religious records, and a wide variety of other types of evidence -- to piece together a history for a given family or individual.   These days, this process is immediately accessible to anyone with an internet connection, a passion to learn about the past, and the ability to refrain from checking Facebook every ten minutes.  


To do this well and accurately requires patience, legwork, specialized knowledge, and patience.  A reputable genealogist will ensure that her research fulfills the Genealogical Proof Standard (see below) in order to reach a well-reasoned conclusion.  Any answer to a genealogical question that doesn't meet the GPS is suspect, and perhaps even complete hogwash.  Worse yet, strangers on the internet might make fun of you.


This is where hiring a genealogist comes in.  A professional genealogist will locate and analyze the original and derivative documents that will synthesize to form a legible picture of your family's history.          

The Genealogical Proof Standard
1) Reasonably exhaustive research.
2) Complete and accurate source citations.
3) Thorough analysis and compilation of evidence.
4) Resolution of conflicting evidence.
5) Soundly-written conclusion based on the strongest evidence.

What I Offer

My speciality is in American records, but I can perform research for a variety of national and ethnic ancestries.  I will:

1) Solve a specific problem for you (such as, "Where was my third great-grandfather born?") 

2) Work on a specific family line

3) Trace all of your ancestors back as far as possible, or

4) Any potential combination therein

Pricing is a flat rate of $30 per hour.  The number of hours will be agreed upon up-front with an unlimited option for extension.  Possible additional expenses include reimbursement for any records that I pay to order and the IRS 2019 standard rate of 58 cents per mile for any travel beyond 50 miles from the Denver metro area.


Upon conclusion of the project, you will receive a written report that conforms to the GPS with the answers you seek, a complete analysis of how I arrived at those conclusions, full citations of all sources, and copies of all relevant records.

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