Once upon a time, just over a hundred years ago, there was an ocean liner.  Known for its size, luxury, and speed – indeed, it was the biggest ship in the world when it was launched – this ocean liner was towards the end of an Atlantic crossing with many rich and famou...

London, 1854.  It is late summer.  In the crowded neighborhood of Soho, an infant gets sick, and her distracted and tired mother tosses the baby’s soiled diapers in a cesspool in the apartment building’s basement.  Within three weeks, as a direct result of that action,...

Ask anyone to name their list of the top five presidents, and most people will go for the big ones: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, one – or both – of the Roosevelts, possibly Kennedy, and maybe a modern president or two (Reagan, Clinton, or Obama, depending upon their...

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September 30, 2018

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