DNA Tests throw a lot of numbers at you; if you're new to the DNA game, it can be pretty confusing.  Here's a re-enactment of an analogy by genetic genealogist Diahan Southard to start putting those numbers in their proper place.  Also, the toddler does a couple o...

If you're struggling to get started with family history research, give this video a watch and see if it gives you some direction!

It's similar to my blog post about city directories, but now... It's in video form!

Hi, all! From now on, I'll be doing more of my communications via video, as you'll see below.  I'll still hopefully do some good, old-fashioned writing when I have the opportunity and the inspiration, but watch for more videos in this space.  Enjoy!

This short blog post was originally written for the Colorado Free University website.  Enjoy!

We’ve all been there: you create a new profile in your family tree on Ancestry.com, and watch with delight as the little green leaf appears, indicating that Ancestry has record...

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September 30, 2018

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