If my super-long blog post on census records was too much for you, here's a bite-sized video version!

Since learning a new skill is always easiest when a concrete example is provided, here's an example from my own family: how would I go about figuring out when my great-grandfather was born?

Don't forget, I have a free Research Plan Template available for download here!

Now that you've gone through those handy Ancestry.com hints, do you know what to do next? Wonder no longer!

DNA Tests throw a lot of numbers at you; if you're new to the DNA game, it can be pretty confusing.  Here's a re-enactment of an analogy by genetic genealogist Diahan Southard to start putting those numbers in their proper place.  Also, the toddler does a couple o...

If you're struggling to get started with family history research, give this video a watch and see if it gives you some direction!

Hi, all! From now on, I'll be doing more of my communications via video, as you'll see below.  I'll still hopefully do some good, old-fashioned writing when I have the opportunity and the inspiration, but watch for more videos in this space.  Enjoy!

This short blog post was originally written for the Colorado Free University website.  Enjoy!

We’ve all been there: you create a new profile in your family tree on Ancestry.com, and watch with delight as the little green leaf appears, indicating that Ancestry has record...

Unless you're one of those lucky few Americans whose family stories about having Native American ancestry are actually true, your ancestors all came here from somewhere across the ocean within the past few hundred years.  As many have noted over time, we are a nation o...

Previously, we discussed how, when it comes to names, spelling was more of a suggestion than a rule.  And not even a significant suggestion, more like a, "You should wait 45 minutes after eating to go swimming" type of suggestion.  This time, we're going to tackle the...

A name is a human being's primary identifier.  It is the specific collection of sounds that proclaims, "I, and not another.  I, and no one else," and so it bothers us when people spell it wrong, or pronounce it wrong, or don't even bother to learn it.  As far as we are...

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September 30, 2018

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