About Me


I've maintained and cultivated a passion for history since I was three years old and demanded that my mother allow me to dig up the garden so that I could find the amazing artifacts I was sure lay below.  Mom naturally refused.  My passion for family history was then ignited at a family reunion in my mid-twenties.  I received my B.A from Brandeis University and my M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout my academic career, I excelled at research and analysis and soon found that I wanted to combine my love for research and my devotion to family history into a career.  To that end, I've undergone further education and received a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (P.L.C.G.S.).  


In addition to founding and running Crossroads, I am also a researcher-for-hire through the Colorado Historical Society and a teacher of genealogical principles for the Academy for Lifelong Learning, the Colorado Genealogical Society, the Colorado Free University, and the Gilpin County Public Library.  I live in Denver with my husband, small son, and smaller dog. And I still don't know what's buried under Mom's garden.

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